Thursday, April 30, 2009


For those of you that still occasionally poke around here, I'm doing a bit of consolodating with my sports blogs. I'm going to combine KC Bean Boy and The Scarlett Letter into one blog on WordPress here.

Someday all the entries will be on the new blog, however until that time I'll keep all previous posts in this blog.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Kings of the Castle

From 2-6 to 12-6 in a week and a half. Even with some of the pitching that's been on display since coming home to Fenway. The Sox still found a way to bat their way out of losses, pushing for extra innings and hitting walk-off homers.

Last night I saw one of the more incredible plays I've seen in quite some time, a strait steal of home plate from Jacoby Ellsbury. Andy Pettitte didn't have a clue, which was shocking juxtaposed against him picking off a couple Sox earlier in the night trying to steal second.

Now comes the part where they need to find their game on the road. The next nine will start with Cleveland tonight. This weekend will be the first trip down to Tampa with a short two gamer to follow against the Yankees next Monday and Tuesday in King George's billion dollar palace.

Looks like Big Papi may have found his stroke, Youkilis-Bay-Lowell are hot, and if the Sox can figure their pitching out they should come back to Boston with a winning record from this trip. They still sit one game behind division leading Toronto, however it's a long ways from ESPN pundits entertaining the idea of the Sox being done for the year already.

Tim Wakefield will take the mound for the Sox this evening at Progressive, and the Sox lineup will lock horns with '08 Cy Young winner Cliff Lee who comes in 1-3.

Friday, April 24, 2009


You know what time it is.

It's Red Sox, Yankees time. Lots of intrigue and drama at the Fens tonight. Will Teixeira make it from the dugout to the plate with his head in tact? I'm sure he'll be asking Johnny Damon for a few pointers. Will the Nebraska fan in me cheer for Joba Chamberlain if he has a good outing, or will my inner Sox fan curse the day he was born and wish ill upon his door? How the Hell will Jon Lester respond to the Friday night pressure of the opening Yankee game under the lights? So many questions, so many hours before the first pitch.

Boston fans are the girl you didn't call to go out with in high school like you promised. The only difference is most Boston fans on Landsdowne Street will be fully popped and have no regard for such trivialities as a classy vocabulary or a demure disposition. There will be gnashing of teeth, and seething hatred for Tex in town tonight.

I haven't checked the schedule, but if the game isn't on ESPN you can be sure I'll be squarely positioned in front of my laptop.